Sunday, April 15, 2007

Laptop Donated to Barangay

The Sagunto Barangay Council received a donated laptop from Mrs. Ophelia "Babot" Glasser recently. This laptop will be used for Barangay administrative needs and to use in accessing the internet for emails and updating this blogsite. Mrs. Emily Homma, Mrs. Ophelia Pasibe-Glasser and Mrs. Jeanette Moore have pledged to fund the cost of accessing the internet for at least the first year.

There are still a number of items needed from the Barangay Wishlist as compiled by Babot during her visit in February.
Barangay Council with donated laptop
Front-Divina Castillo-Pascua(Rural Health Worker), Lolita Dawa-Binawe(Kagawad),Manuel Esteban Sr.(Punong Barangay), Fernando "Kulaw" Wag-e, Juan Arthur Inocencio (Brgy. Treasurer)
Back-Manuel Malqued (Kagawad), Willy del Amen (Kagawad), Cesar Carino (Kagawad), Arthur Baladad (Kagawad),Mary Jane Anaen Hernaez-Refuerzo(Asst. Sec.), Pacita Castillo-Benosa (CVO), Conchita Malqued (CVO).

Not in the pix..Larry leo Benosa (Kagawad), Fernando Castillo (Kagawad) Arlene Paliwen (SK Chairman) Loejan Anudon (Secretary)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Concreting of the Sitio Macoco Road

Concreting of the Sitio Macoco Road is ongoing - another project of the honorable mayor.

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This is the road to Macoco from the barangay town hall. This used to be a dirt road. The project of paving the road is ongoing. There is still ways to go, but it has already made the journey to and from Macoco easier.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Sagunto Barangay Captain's Wish List

This is Omom (AKA Babot)I just arrived in Los Angeles from a whirlwind trip to Sagunto (from Feb. 14th thru 19th). During my visit I had a chance to meet with the barangay Captain Esteban and Secretary Loejan. One of the many items we discussed were the needs of the barangay to help improve the village. There are many items on the wish list and basic needs that are simply not available due to the lack of funds.

I suggested a fund raising to target the many expatriates and OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers)abroad and the way to reach so many people is the internet; thanks to Jmom, we can now do it. Living overseas where computers in every home is internet connected is a norm, I was shocked at the hardship of small businesses and administrative offices in the lower levels (like the Municipal and Barangay level)where they still do business the "old fashioned" way of ledgers and paper book-keeping, etc. What we may regard as junk overseas is a treasure in the barangay. As an example, I have a laptop that I was going to trash because it has the old Windows 97 and not up to par with today's Western standards and the memory would be too low for the internet and games to work on. Loejan requested I ship it to the barangay---it could be used for letter writing and/or simple book-keeping purposes. So that item is on the list to send.

The numerous items that the barangay needs (and this list is open-ended and will be added on to)but are not covered by any funds or budget:

- Air conditioning unit inside the Barangay Hall (Abung) or at least in the Captain's office. The heat is stifling and often times when a confidential situation is discussed in the captain's office, said confidentiality is at risk of being breached because the windows are opened and other's may hear.

-Xerox copier for administrative business

-Toners for the Xerox copier
- Computer with internet capability in the Barangay Hall
- Funds to cover internet connectivity
-Used Vehicle for Barangay Captain's use when he has to investigate issues in and around the village as they occur. Other barangay captains already enjoy this benefit but ours still has to travel on his own.
- Reserve funds for miscellaneous office supplies

The photo below is the only internet cafe in Sagunto. It is owned and operated by Mr. Ferdie Santillano. Though the kids enjoy it for their games, it's hardly an appropriate place to conduct barangay business. I think the computer and internet connectivity is a priority and donations and individual pledges are now being accepted.

Comments are welcomed and appreciated. Omom

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Very grateful to all saguntonians all over the globe for their assistance in making our barangay one of the best in sison. Barangay Sagunto is the first in the town of Sison, Pangasinan to have a blog to connect with expats around the world. Thanks to Saguntonian Jmom. I welcome all expats and kabarangayan to comment and suggest ways to make our barangay a better place.

Concreting of the Sitio Macoco Road is ongoing - another project of the honorable mayor

Concreting of the Sitio Pilaoan Road is also in progress - project of the honorable congressman Mark O. Cojuangco

Expansion of the Barangay Main Road is also in progress and is near completion - initiative of the Punong Barangay, Hon. Manuel L. Esteban, Sr., and the Barangay Council. The CVO's are the workers

Friday, February 16, 2007

Welcome to Sagunto!

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